warning The string with parameter delimiters is not a parameter

warning The string with parameter delimiters is not a parameter in loadrunner while executing the virtual user scripts for web-services with parameterization. I have created the script for web services and executed with out parameterization then it was working fine,when i execute the test script with parameter values then in Results summary execution showing error message as “warning: The string ‘xxxxxx’ with parameter delimiters is not a parameter.”

warning The string with parameter delimiters is not a parameter

In order to resolve this type of errors in loadrunner scripts,you have to follow below steps.

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1.After creation of your script should execute with out parameterization values like {results_one}.
2.While creating parameterization values syntax should be as expected as “{parameter value}”.
3.Modify Loadrunner Run time Settings as per iterations.
4.Verify duplicate parameter name for multiple different values.


When i am facing this problem simply i have recorded the script in another action and created new parameter names with separate csv file ,then miracle it is working or  test execution is working fine.That is the reason we have check our script first then we can go for search.

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