Transactions in Loadrunner

Transactions in Loadrunner

Transactions in Loadrunner is classified into two types start and End transactions which is useful in identifying the response time taken for particular iterations or particular Actions for VUGen scripts. In my previous post you have learn web services scripting and Rest API scripting with examples,please read once for more information.

As i mention in LoadRunner transactions are divided into two transaction types ,those are

1.Start Transactions
2.End Transactions and one more is there
3.Sub Transactions but which will comes under Start Transaction only.

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What is Transaction?

Transaction is nothing but verifying the response time taken to receive response from a server for a VUser requests, whether it is a single requests, Multiple requests etc.

For Example:

  • Execution of multiple SQL queries
  • User my account page is loading or displaying
  • Reports Generation as per search with the help of queries. Etc.
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How to Insert Transactions – Loadrunner

In Virtual User generator scripts you can insert transaction as below.

lr_start_transaction(“Transaction name”);
lr_end_transaction(“Transaction Name”,LR_AUTO);

Sub Transactions – Loadrunner

Sub transactions useful in verify the response time of sub http request responses.

Main Transaction : User purchasing Product
Sub Transaction : Debit Card/Credit Card payment.

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Once Payment is success then only User Purchasing Product transaction will complete other-wise it get Fail, so it depends on Payment method.

Sub Transaction – Syntax

Lr_start_sub_transaction(“sub transaction name”,”parent transaction name”);
Lr_end_sub_transaction(“sub transaction name”,LR_AUTO);

Final code looks like below model

Lr_start_transaction("purchasing product");


Lr_start_sub_transaction("Payment_Method"," purchasing product");



Lr_end_transaction("purchasing product",LR_AUTO);

Virtual User Script:

web_url("", "URL=", 
web_reg_find("Text=Manual Testing",LAST);
return 0;

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