Sikuli Guide For Beginners – Integrate Sikuli With Selenium Webdriver

Sikuli Guide For Beginners – Integrate Sikuli With Selenium Webdriver
Sikuli Guide For Beginners – Integrate Sikuli With Selenium Web driver,In this present article, you will learn Sikuli Graphical User Interface Automation Tool in-detail and how to integrate Sikuli tool with Selenium webdriver.

What is Sikuli Tool:

Sikuli is a Graphical User Interface open source Automation Tool. Using Sikuli Automation tool you could automate whatever we see on the computer screen. It is basically uses image recognition
technology to identify and control GUI elements on desktop. you all know that using Selenium can’t automate windows/desktop objects. Integrating Sikuli with Selenium allows us to
overcome this issue. Using Sikuli tool with Selenium webdriver, we could automate windows/desktop objects,Sikuli can automate both Web and Windows based applications.
Most of testers are using Auto-IT tool to upload or download files in Selenium scripting but using Sikuli we can do it very easily.

Advantages of Sikuli Tool:

It is an open source tool for automation.
Easily to integrate sikuli with selenium.
Can automate Desktop / Windows application.
Easily automate Flash objects – Flash Testing.
It can be used on any platform such as Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile.

Sample program to login to Remote Desktop:

public void normalTest() throws FindFailed {
Screen s = new Screen();
System.out.println("Run window is open");
System.out.println("Run window entered mstsc");"ok.png");
System.out.println("Click on OK button");
System.out.println("Wait for Remote desktop window appers");
System.out.println("Remote Desktop entered ipaddress");"connect.png");
System.out.println("Remote Desktop clicks Connect button");
System.out.println("Entered password in Windows Security");
System.out.println("OK button is pressed in Windows Security");

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