Selenium Webdriver Using Python – Complete Tutorial Guide

Selenium Webdriver Using Python – Complete Tutorial Guide,Selenium supports Python language bindings and can be developed with Selenium Test Scripts for testing.Python is easy matched to other programming languages, having extreme fewer verbose and Python language is easy to learn and easy to write the scripts using Python Language.

The Python Language APIs enables you to link with the browser from end to end using Selenium.Selenium guides the standard Python commands to different browsers.Selenium WebDriver Test Scripts can be run in different browsers and on different operating Systems such as



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What is Python?

Python is a high-level object oriented programming language or scripting Language with dynamic semantics. 

Selenium Using Python – Complete Tutorial Guide

1.Python is a Simple Language
2.Easy to Learn
3.Easy to Read
4.Easy to Maintain

Sample Python Example:

print("Hello World!")
ready = True
if ready:
print("Hello World!")

Why to Choose Python Language in Selenium

Below different points explains why Python language is better for Selenium WebDriver scripting, those are

  • Extensive Support Libraries.
  • Open Source.
  • Learning Ease and better Support.
  • User Friendly Data Structure.
  • Python uses indentation.
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Selenium WebDriver Python bindings provides a better API to write functional/acceptance test scripts using Selenium WebDriver. Through Selenium WebDriver Python API we can access all functionalities of Selenium WebDriver in a natural way.

How to check if a list is empty in python

Get HTML Source of WebElement in Selenium Webdriver with Python

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Selenium WebDriver Python Concepts:

Download Python Bindings for Selenium WebDriver
Install Python Language.
Download Drivers for Browsers
First Selenium Python Script
Selenium Web Pages Interaction using Python
Locating Elements
Python Wait Commands
Selenium Page Objects
Selenium WebDriver API

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