Selenium WebDriver Automation Test Life Cycle

Selenium WebDriver Automation Test Life Cycle post ,you will learn complete information about Selenium Automation Test planning life cycle ,what are the stages it involves to prepare the Test planning ,What are the prerequisites to prepare Test Plan for Selenium WebDriver. Let’s see the details below.

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How to create a Test Plan for Selenium WebDriver

Selenium having different stages in Test Planning those are stated as below.

  • Selenium Test Planning
  • Preparing Test Scripts for Test Cases
  • Enhance Test Scripts – Adding Conditions to Verify Expected and Actual Results
  • Debug the Test Scripts
  • Run the Scripts
  • Analyze the Test Results
  • Defect Logging in Test Management Tools.
Let’s see one by one stages with explanation as below.

Selenium Test Planning

  1. Gather AUT URL.
  2. Required Credentials
  3. Required Automation Test Cases
  4. Prioritize the Test Cases as P1,P2,P3.
  5. Select the Testing Framework – Keyword Driven , Data Driven.
  6. Select Test Framework  – Test NG
  7. Prepare Each Module No of Test Cases –For Test Script Development Time calculation
  8. Divide number of test cases to Analyze as per AUT flow.
  9. Prepare Time lines as discuss with Automation Team Members.
  10. Send for Approval.

Test Scripts:

  1. Once Received Approval from Project Manager, Start prepare Object Identification for AUT.
  2. Prepare Object Repository , Test Data and Regression Test Suite.
  3. Start preparing Test Scripts as per assigned Tasks.
  4. Debug the Test scripts before commit to Source Management Tool like CVS,GIT etc.
  5. Maintain the Test Scripts should be updated and it should Execute all the test cases as per Commit, Update and Modify.

Enhance Test Scripts:

  1. Add verification points with the help of Assertions like
  2. Example : Assert.assertrue() , Assert.assertequals()
  3. As per verification points you can verify Expected Results with Actual Results.
  4. Prepare Object Repository and read the properties from Object Repository files.
  5. Provide logger log notes for each step in Test Script’s, so that it is very easy to understand the steps with the help of log files.
  6. Enhance the Scripts with HTML Reporting Tools for Analyzing the Test Results.

Debug Test Scripts:

  1. Once your test scripts design is completed then start debug your Test Scripts in as per chosen development tools.
  2. In Eclipse you can debug your scripts with the Help of F11 key .
  3. Once you started debug your scripts by pressing F11 key for each steps you will find what are the data it is passing and how execution flow is happening clearly.

Run Test Scripts:

  1. Once all Test Scripts debug is completed with out any errors in Test scripts ,now you need to merge all components of Test scripts in one single Project.
  2. Now try to Run your Test scripts with all the test cases.
  3. Once Test execution is completed, open Test results folder or HTML file to verify how many test cases are PASS and how many test cases are failed whether it is in Excel file or CSV file etc.
  4. Analyze why the test cases are failed and find out Route cause in order identify whether any syntax errors in Test scripts or problem in application.
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