Selenium Introduction

Selenium Introduction
Selenium Introduction,Selenium is an open source tool which is used to Automate Web applications which is Application under Test(AUT) in order to perform Regression Testing of applications.Selenium is a suite of tools which is automate web browsers in different platforms,supports many languages,runs in different operating systems.Selenium suite is a combination of four tools.

Selenium Components:

Selenium is suite tools which are

1.Selenium IDE
2.Selenium RC(Remote Control)
3.Selenium WebDriver
4.Selenium Grid

Selenium doesn’t support automate to windows applications and selenium not support for 2 – tier environment ,it supports 3 – tier environment applications.

Selenium IDE:

Selenium IDE full form is Integrated Development Environment,IDE is a firefox plugin which is a free plugin for firefox browser.Selenium IDE useful in record and playback of web applications.IDE providing options to convert recorded script into different languages and ide can convert script to below languages.

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In order to convert to different languages ,you need to enable “Enable Experiment features” in Options.

  • C#/NUnit/WebDriver
  • C#/NUnit/Remote Control
  • Java/Junit 4/WebDriver
  • Java/TestNG/WebDriver
  • Java/Junit 4/WebDriver Backed
  • Java/Junit 4/Remote Control
  • Java/Junit 3/Remote Control
  • Java/TestNG/Remote Control
  • Python 2/unittest/WebDriver
  • Ruby/Test:Unit/WebDriver


Selenium IDE Drawbacks:

1.Cross browser testing is not possible
2.Data-driven Testing is not support.
3.Not possible to generate reports
4.Need to open Browser before opening Selenium IDE.

You can export recorded test cases to above different languages from File – Export Test Case As.

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Selenium RC:

Selenium RC full form is Remote Control,Selenium RC also known as Selenium 1 before launching Webdriver Selenium Rc used in most of the web application automation.Selenium RC directly not communicate with the browsers ,first Selenium RC communicate with Selenium standalone server then it will communicate with different browsers and it will execute selenese commands.

Selenium RC drawbacks:

1.Selenium RC doesn’t communicate directly with browsers.
2.Selenium RC scripts will run only on java script injection support browsers.
3.Selenium RC test execution takes more time.
4. Inorder to run Selenium RC first you need to start Selenium RC server.

Selenium Webdriver:

Selenium Webdriver also called as Selenium 2,which is widely using to automate different web applications.Selenium Webdriver directly communicate with different browser in order
to execute Selenium Webdriver Test scripts.Selenium Webdriver doesn’t require any selenium server.Please read Selenium Webdriver Architecture for more details.Latest Selenium version is
Selenium 3.0.1 java language.

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Selenium Supports drivers:

1.Mozilla Geckodriver
2.Google Chrome Driver
3.Opera drivers
4.Internet Explorer Driver
5.Safari Driver

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