Mobile App Test Automation Methodology

Mobile App Testing have a well-recognized Mobile Test Automation Methodology. Mobile Test Automation Methodology has defined different phases and the key actions performed are mentioned below.

Test Automation Phases

  1. Automation Requirement Analysis
  2. Automation Test Planning
  3. Automation Test Design
  4. Test Script Development
  5. Test Execution and
  6. Report Preparation


  1. Mobile APP Testing using APPIUM
  2. Mobile APP Test Scripting Using Selenium
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Automation Key Events

  1. Determine Automation Objectives
  2. Ideal Automation Team Members
  3. Automation Traceability Matrix
  4. Automation Tool Selection
  5. Create Proof of Concept (POC)
  6. Preparation of Automation Test Plan
  7. Develop Automation Scripting
  8. Finalize Automation Approach and Framework
  9. Create Requirements into Automated Scripts
  10. Creating Reusable / Module Functions
  11. Test Script Generation
  12. Test Scripts Dry Runs
  13. Test Scripts Execution
  14. Test Execution Reporting
  15. Automation Metrics Collection
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Automation Test┬áDeliverable’s

  1. Test cases for automation
  2. Automation Traceability Matrix.
  3. Automation Approach
  4. Automation Test Plan
  5. Test Scripting Standards
  6. Automation Test Framework
  7. Test Automation Suite
  8. Automation Test Results
  9. Automation Test Reports
  10. Automation Test Metrics

Rajesh K