Loadrunner Functions

Loadrunner Functions will give you brief idea about what are the functions are available in Loadrunner in Virtual User Generator,Let’s see functions one by one.

Loadrunner Functions

Virtual User Generator has below following functions.We will see each functions examples in Next posts.

1.Utility Functions
2.AJAX Click and Reference Functions
3.AMF Functions
4.Citrix Vuser Functions
5.COM Vuser Functions
6.Datavase Vuser Functions
7.DNS Functions
8.Flex Functions
9.FTP Vuser Functions
10.IMAP Functions
11.JAVA over HTTP Functions
12.Listing Directory Functions
13.Media Player Functions
14.MS Exchange Functions
15.Dot NET Functions
16.Oracle NCA Functions
17.Remote Desktop Functions
18.SAP Functions
19.WEB Vuser Functions
20.Web Services Functions – You can read Web Services Scripting
21.XML Functions
22.Silver Light Functions

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With the help of above functions you can work on different platform applications and in different ways and you can verify performance testing of different platform applications.I hope you got some information about Loadrunner Functions available in Virtual User Generator(VUGEN).Thank you for reading,please share and provide your valuable comments on this topic.


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