Loadrunner Actions

Loadrunner Actions
Loadrunner Actions,Three types of Actions in Loadrunner that is vuser_int,Action,vuser_end actions,Main execution load script will written in Action window and remaining vuser_int,vuser_end actions useful in one time script execution.

Loadrunner Actions

Loadrunner Actions  or Vuser script files are divided into three sections those are and these Actions are useful in scripting in VUgen as above Screen shot.
1. Vuser_init
2. Actions
3. vuser_end


Below are the task perform by the Vuser_init() action in Loadrunner
1. Vuser_init is the first Action executed in virtual user Generator in case you write any test script.
2. Vuser_init action saves in vuser_init.c extension.
3. Vuser_init test script executes only one time in entire Virtual User Life Cycle.
4. If you want to run for multiple set of data then you have to use Parameterization Testing process.
5. In case using Vuser_init action script then it is useful in one time initiation for Examples : Login to system.

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1.Action is the main section where you have to perform user actions with the help of recording or manual scripting.
2.Action file also saves in c extension,you can rename Action to your desired script name.
3.You can correlate,perform parameterization testing in Action test scripts with the help of multiple set of data.
4.You can insert Blocks in Actions using Run Time Settings.


Below are the task perform by the Vuser_init() action in Loadrunner,those are
1. Vuser_end file saves in c extension as vuser_end.c
2. Here Vuser will end their actions for example Logout of system.
3. Vuser_end action means end of Vuser life cycle execution.
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