Loadrunner Tutorial

LoadRunner tutorial in this you will learn real time knowledge and Basic tutorials about HP Loadrunner concepts with real time examples and real time VUGEN scripts for performance testing.

What is LoadRunner?

Loadrunner is a performance Testing tool which is developed by HP i.e Hewlett-Packard ,it is a commercial tool which is licensed.In market lot of tools are available for performance testing for web applications,web services API testing for example JMeter is an open source tool but LoadRunner provides best protocols,easy to learn,easy to write the code and easy to record and play back the test scripts.

Loadrunner Components:

LoadRunner has three components


We will see each component’s one be one according to below topics

Loadrunner Tutorial:

Loadrunner Components
How Loadrunner Works
Vugen (Virtual User Generator)
Tips to Create a script

Vugen UI Overview
Record Script in Vugen
Protocols in Vugen
Run Time Settings
Start,End Transaction
Log messages in Vugen
Introduction to Controller
Controller UI Overview
Design Load Test Scenarios
Run Test Scenarios
Monitor Test Scenarios
Goal Oriented Scenarios
Analysis UI overview
Reports in Analysis
Response Time
Think time
Real time examples
Webservices Testing
RestAPI testing

What have you learned?

I have given loadrunner Tutorials with real time examples to understand and get good knowledge on Loadrunner with simple and easy steps to become experts in Performance Testing.Once you completes this tutorials you are able to prepare performance test scripts , load scenarios and Analyze test results of particular applications/Web Services.