Jmeter Tutorial

JMeter Tutorial for beginners,Apache JMeter is an open source performance testing tool,it is purely developed with Java language we can call this as Java application which is useful in perform load test of web applications and SOAP,REST services to measure performance,in order to satisfy the stakeholders.Apache JMeter able to perform a load test on static and Dynamic languages such as Java,.Net,PHP, Files,WebServices(WSDL),REST API services etc.Apache JMeter is able to test load on a server may be it could be a single server,group of servers and network to test capacity and measure performance of that servers or networks.

Apache JMeter Features

Apache JMeter supports below features to load test,those are

Database via JDBC
Message-oriented middleware (MOM) via JMS
Mail – SMTP(S), POP3(S) and IMAP(S)
shell scripts
JMS Point-to-Point
jp@gc – JSON to XML Converter
JUnit Request

JMeter Concepts

In this tutorial, we will cover below topics to become an expert in Apache JMeter.

JMeter Environment Setup
Jmeter Proxy Set Up
Script Recording
Transaction Controller
Build Web Test Plan
Build SOAP/XML Test Plan
Build REST API Test Plan
Response Assertion
XPath Assertion
Run JMeter Script
Logic Controller
Config Elements
JMeter Timers
Pre Processors
JMeter Sampler
Post Processors
Calculate Throughput
JMeter Report Dashboard

The above topics are very important to work with Apache JMeter for performance Testing of your applications,WSDL etc.Please follow each and every topic to get good knowledge on Apache JMeter to implement in Real Time,here I am giving or Explaining each topic with real time examples so that reader can get real time experience to implements in their companies.