How to send attachments in jenkins emails

How to send attachments in Jenkins emails or Configure Jenkins to send an attachment in email using Editable Email Notification plugin in Jenkins to attach a file with the email.With the help of Ant pattern we can send attachment in Jenkins Email.Please follow my example to send and attachment in Jenkins email.

Gmail SMTP  configurations

Enter Admin Email address as your gmail address
Default user e-mail suffix –
Use SSL Authentication
Enter gmail id
Enter password
Test Email by click on Test Email Configuration

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Under Jenkins Job

Select Post Build Action as Editable Email Notifications
Under Attachment enter this format,suppose you want to get png files from Screenshot folder then
follow this format


Suppose you want to send all png files in email then follow below format


How to configure Jenkins to send an attachment in email,
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How to configure Jenkins to send a file as Email attachment
Jenkins pipeline email attachment
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Watch Video Tutorial with EXAMPLES

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