How to Make a POST Request with Rest Assured?

How to make a post request with Rest Assured,In previous post you’ve learned Rest API Testing using Rest Assured and in this below post you will learn How to Make a POST Request with Rest Assured library.In this below code uses requestSpecBuilder to make a post request. Parameter descriptions are listed below.

restAPIURL – URL of the Rest API
APIBody – Body of the Rest API. Example: {“key1″:”value1″,”key2″:”value2”}
setContentType() – Pass the “application/json”, “application/xml” or “text/html” etc. headers to setContenType() method.
Authentication credentials – Pass the username and password to the basic() method or if there is no authentication leave them blank basic(“”,””)
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How to Make a POST Request with Rest Assured


public class RestAssured {

public void httpPostMethodTest() throws JSONException, InterruptedException {

//Rest API’s URL
String restAPIUrl = “http://{RestAPIURL}”;

//API Body
String apiBody = “{“key1″:”value1″,”key2″:”value2″,”key3″:”value3″}”;

// Building request by using requestSpecBuilder
RequestSpecBuilder builder = new RequestSpecBuilder();

//Set API’s Body

//Setting content type as application/json
builder.setContentType(“application/json; charset=UTF-8”);

RequestSpecification requestSpec =;

//Making post request with authentication or leave blank if you don’t have credentials like: basic(“”,””)
Response response = given().authentication().preemptive().basic({username}, {password})

JSONObject JSONResponseBody = new JSONObject(response.body().asString());

//Get the desired value of a parameter
String result = JSONResponseBody.getString({key});

//Check the Result
Assert.assertEquals(result, “{expectedValue}”);



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