Existing Stopped From Running in Loadrunner

Existing Stopped From Running in Loadrunner

Existing Stopped From Running in Loadrunner,While working with Loadrunner Controller you will face some of the problems like this type of issues.You will not able to identify why error is displaying while running scripts in Loadrunner Controller with load generators.

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Existing Stopped From Running in Loadrunner

You will face this type of issues in Loadrunner Controller because of below activities,those are

1.Using Loadrunner old versions.
2.HP UFT is installed after installing HP Loadrunner.
3.Installing HP Loadrunner after installing HP UFT.
4.Hp Loadrunner and HP UFT versions are not matching like UFT 11.50 and Loadrunner 12.50.
5.Your C drive space is very less.

Solution to Resolve:

I have faced this type of problems while working with Loadrunner Controller for Web-services Scripting ,not able to identify what is the issue actually,while running scripts all the Vusers are not getting stopped and not able to stop the Vusers manually because Stop button is in disable mode.All the Vuser are stopped under Existing Status but still script is executing in case Duration is completed i.e Specified Time is completed ex:10 minutes.

Note : While You are facing this type of issues,immediately you need to check your C drive space,if you want to run your script perfectly with out any problems in Controller then your C drive should have above 1 GB space.

Analysis Controller

In this situation when i trying to open Analysis controller giving error message as Not enough space in C with some path,then i understood ,immediately i have deleted some unimportant software’s and deleted unimportant files in C drive then My disk space is becomes 2 GB,Then i have restarted the Scenario in Controller,it’s a miracle it was working fine with out any error messages,alerts etc.

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