Effort Estimation template for performance testing

Welcome to Loadrunner ,in this Effort Estimation template for performance testing you will learn how to create Load/Performance testing Effort Estimation for different Business scenarios.Actually what is Effort Estimation in Software Testing,Effort Estimation nothing but testing plan for particular project or component as per available number of Employs and number of testing hours/days required to complete the testing.Let’s discuss or learn with real time examples.

Effort Estimation template for performance testing

Performance Testing Effort Estimation template have different points to consider before preparing the estimation for your project or applications or Business process,some of the major factors are

1.Business process Scenario
2.What are the major projects are available right now
3.How much Employe/Resources can afford on this project(In case handling Multiple projects)
4.What are the transaction steps involved

Test Estimation Effort Template

Test Estimate Template contains different fields as below

1.Doc Ref.No
2.Business Process
3.Performance Script
4.Performance Script Details
5.No of Hours(Resource-based)

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Doc Reference No

Doc Reference Number refers business process FSD or BRD or Business NFR doc number like 1.2,1.3 etc.So here it could be Doc 1.2

Business Process

Business process means one scenario like Send an email from Gmail application.In this business scenario you can find number of steps to perform to complete one transaction as below

1.Open Gmail
2.Login with valid credentials
3.It will display inbox,
4.Click Compose
5.Enter To address,cc,Subject
6.Enter Mail Body
7.Attachments etc
8.Click on Send

As per above step’s you have to identify how much time it will take to create the script in Vugen.

Performance Script Details

Performance Scrip details have different various point as below

1.Vuser Script Recording – To Record scripts in Virtual User Generator for a Business Process.
2.Vuser Script Validation – Validate the script with Conditions , prepare Correlation and add functions.
3.Performance Script Enhancements – Preparing Test data for execution , Runtime Settings,Replacing dynamic values with Correlated values , Saving the values into parameter and Parameterization in the script.
4.Vuser Script Execution – Execution of Business process Script in VUGen to verify the script.
5.Loadrunner Controller Scenario – Preparing real world mimic scenario for prepared Business process Script as below details.
1.Number of virtual users to use.
2.Number of virtual users to initiate with how many seconds.
3.Number of Hours to Run the script.
4.How to stop the VUsers at a time or slowly means 2 or 5 or 6 etc.
6.Scenario Execution – After creating or preparing the scenario in Controller run your scenario by starting the Load Generator in order to verify how many transactions are pass/fail or contains errors while running the scripts.
7.Analysis Reports – Analyze the reports with the help of Analysis component in Loadrunner to check what are the bottlenecks,how many transactions are pass/fail and HTTP status code etc points you can verify in Analysis.

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For each and every step should have no of hours in the testing estimation sheet as below screenshot and at last we are calculating the total hours to required to complete the Business process and send it for approval.Once approval received from respective manager then resource will start preparing Scripts for Business scenarios.

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You can prepare Effort Estimation as below ,please check screen-shot.

What have you learned?

1.What is Business Process
2.What is Test Effort Estimation
3.Factors should be consider
4.Testing Estimation Template details
5.How to prepare Performance Testing Estimation based on Performance Scripts for a Business Process.

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