Check if a checkbox is checked in selenium webdriver

In this current post, you will learn how to check if a checkbox is in checked or unchecked and we will learn how to check or set a checkbox if it’s not already checked or selected. WebDriver Interface provides with the following methods to check the visibility of the elements , web elements can be buttons, drop boxes, checkbox’s, radio buttons, labels etc.

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Verify if a checkbox is checked or not

In order to check/verify if a checkbox is selected or checked or unchecked or not selected, you can use isSelected() method for the checkbox element. This isSelected() method returns a boolean value ,if the checkbox is checked it returns true if not returns false.

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Determine whether or not this element is checked or not. This operation only applies to input elements such as checkboxes, options in a select and radio buttons.It returns boolean if checkbox or radio button is selected or checked.

Example Code:

boolean checkedStatus = driver.findElement("name")).isSelected();
 System.out.println("The checkbox is selection state is - " + checkedStatus.isSelected());

Check a checkbox if Unchecked

public static void isElementSelected(WebDriver driver) {

if (locatorType.equalsIgnoreCase("xpath")) {

        WebElement element = driver.findElement(By.xpath("checkbox"));

        if (element.isSelected() == true) {
            Reporting.testPassLogs(desc + " is selected ");
            System.out.println("Checkbox is already selected");

        } else {
            System.out.println("Checkbox is not selected");


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