Appium Introduction

Appium is an open source free Automation Mobile App Tool.Automate Native apps, Hybrid  apps and Mobile Web browser Automation.Drives Android , IOS and Windows based Apps.With the help of WebDriver Protocol. Appium is a Cross Platform ,you can write the test scripts against Multiple Platforms with the same API,IOS + ANDROID + WINDOWS. 

Appium Introduction

Before jump into Appium Introduction,we should learn some concepts about Mobile Apps types in the market.Three types of Mobile Apps are their in market,those are
Native Apps : Developed using IOS , Android & Windows SDK Platforms.
Examples : Facebook , What’s Up , Times of India etc.
Hybrid Apps : Hybrid apps are part of Native Apps and Web Apps , it is a wrapper of web View.Hybrid apps build wrapper for already developed Web Sites.
Example : Blogger
Web Apps : Works in Web Browsers and implemented by HTML 5 .

Appium Supported Frameworks:

iOS Platform : Apple’s UIAutomation
Android 4.2+ Platform : Google’s UiAutomator
Android 2.3+ Platform : Google’s Instrumentation – Selendroid 
Windows: Microsoft’s WinAppDriver.

Appium System Requirements:

JDK should be installed
Install Android SDK
Node JS
PDA .net for phone connectivity(in phone and Computer)

Appium Limitations:

Less than Android version 17 will not work
In IOS script will execution time is more.
Limit Supports for Gestures
Not supports for Toast Messages.

Supported Languages:



Appium Topics

Lesson 1 – What Is appium 
Lesson 2 – Download And Install Android SDK In Windows 
Lesson 3 – Set Android Path Environment Variables In Windows
Lesson 4 – Steps To Install ADT Plugin To Use SDK In Eclipse
Lesson 5 – Download And Install Appium In Windows
Lesson 6 – Locating App Elements Using UI Automator Viewer
Lesson 7 – Mobile App Element’s XPath, ID, Name
Lesson 8 – Configure Project In Eclipse For Appium
Lesson 9 – Prepare Test Scripts – Android Automation Test Using Appium
Lesson 10 – How to Create An Android Virtual Device(Emulator)
Lesson 11 – Install/Uninstall Mobile App In Android Emulator

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